Girls Gymnastics

The Girl’s Gymnastics program offers each individual the experience to learn gymnastics in a safe, fun, learning environment. Here at Aspire Kids Sports Center, we encourage each child to try new things and conquer their fears, which results in a child to have a high self-esteem. The classes are geared for the child who is eager to learn the basics of gymnastics. Children will be instructed in developmental skills on each of the Olympic events with emphasis on improving flexibility, strength, balance, and body coordination. Whether or not your child ends up in competitive gymnastics, she will be physically challenged in all areas of fitness development that are critical for success in every sport and physical activity.

Program Leader-

  • Sean Obley

Girl’s Gymnastics Coaches-

  • Haley Core
  • Amanda Egan
  • Alisa Empey
  • Mariana Gil-Mayer
  • Sean Johnson
  • Cynthia Krzmarzick
  • Zoey Newman
  • Brianna Orril
  • Sarah Polenick
  • Rebecca Rockmaker
  • Caleb Rodriguez
  • Hannah Schaefer
  • Jessica Stringer
  • Rema Toopal
  • Terese Virgo

Which Class?

There are four different levels in our upward bound program—beginning, intermediate (Level 1), advanced (Level 2) and Level 3. A child that is new to our gym will be evaluated if they would like to start in an intermediate, advanced or Level 3 class. Skill Cards are used as an aid in tracking a child’s skill development and achievement in each class.

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