Level 1 Girls Gymnastics

Girl’s Level 1

When your child advances to our Level 1 girl’s class, she will have completed a series of approximately 25 skills. Gymnasts will continue perfecting old skills in addition to building new skills; working to further aspects of the foundation of gymnastics, body awareness (knowing what you body is doing in space) and air sense (knowing where you are in space while flipping and twisting). While mastering basic gymnastics terminology, they will be more focused on basic progressions as well as simple combinations to progress their gymnastic abilities. Please call to schedule an evaluation if you feel this is the correct class for your daughter.

In this level, your daughter will learn the following skills:
Vault – running form, straight jump, handstand flatback, handstand hops, squat on
Bars – pullover, casts, back hip circle, straddle on dismount, leg cuts
Beam – mount, arabesque, lever, walks, straight & tuck jump, split jump (low beam), side handstand dismount, english handstand (low beam)
Floor – roundoff, backward pike roll, back bend, kickover, handstand bridge, leaps, 1/2 turns