Level 2 Girls Gymnastics

Girl’s Level 2

In this class, students will be introduced to more complex tumbling techniques and more focus on the foundation of vertical movement on balance beam and floor. When finished with this class, your daughter has learned many basic motor skills and gained valuable strength, flexibility, and over all fitness to take them far in gymnastics or any other sport. Please call to schedule an evaluation if you feel this is the correct class for your daughter.

In this level, your daughter will learn the following skills:
Vault – running form, handstand flatback, handstand holds, handstand hops
Bars – chinhold pullover, back hip circle, leg cuts, mill circle, pike sole circle dismount
Beam – mount, 1/2 turn, split jump, english handstand, cartwheel (low beam)
Floor – split-straight jump, handstand forward roll, backward roll to pushup, back walkover, front limber, back handspring, power hurdle roundoff