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More info on Aspire’s Health Statement (as of 3/30/2020)

Aspire Kids Sports Center has suspended normal operations and will remain closed until it is safe to resume operations; this includes all weekly classes and team practices. 

Covid-19: Will I be billed monthly tuition? The answer is NO!

Hello and thank you for remaining a part of the Aspire family.

Currently, there is much unknown but we wanted to share a few simple things we do know!

1. You can rest assured your child’s spot in class is secured while also knowing there will be NO CHARGES OR PAYMENTS of any kind on your Aspire account until we re-open AND you are clearly notified.

2. We will re-open when it is safe to do so and will pass that information along to you when it is available.

3. We are very excited to be offering free virtual lesson plans to continue our pursuit of Building Happy, Healthy Kids even while our doors are closed! Hopefully, you have already received 1 or 2 and we will continue to email these lessons for your kids. Actually, the entire family is welcome to join!

We appreciate your loyalty and support and can’t wait to see your kids smiling faces again!

Aspire Health Statement (as of 3/24/2020)

Effective immediately Aspire Kids Sports Center is suspending normal operations and will remain closed until it is safe to resume operations; this includes all weekly classes and team practices. 

We know this past week has been full of confusion and uncertainty for many of you as it has been for us here at Aspire. So much is changing so fast that it is hard to know how to plan tomorrow. We thank you for your patience and support as we continue to navigate our way through the coronavirus. We have been discussing the issues around the clock and doing our best to keep up with the latest numerous government agencies including the CDC and the Maricopa County Department of Public Health, all in an effort to make the most sound decisions for our families, our employees, and the people of our community. We won’t deny that this has been trying on all of us: our staff members, our leadership, the community as a whole. We would be foolish to think it wasn’t just as trying for you as you try to make informed decisions for your family. We thank you for working through this with us and for your patience through it all.

Makeups & Tuition: Given these unique circumstances, we are revising our normal make-up policy to allow plenty of time to make-up all missed classes. We will be providing opportunities to make-up missed classes in other instructional classes. We will send an email toward the end of March with an update on resuming classes and April’s automatic tuition payments.

Aspire has served our community for 15 years. Our mission is to “Build happy, healthy kids”. With your support we will be able to continue that mission for another 15 years and beyond.


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