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As the first of its kind offered in the state of Arizona, the mission of the Aspire Kids Acro program is to introduce the sport to the local community as a way of reinforcing valuable lessons of teamwork, self-discipline, perseverance and positive mental attitude.

Acrobatic Gymnastics is a combination of artistic gymnastics and Cirque du Soleil acrobatics and choreography.  It is women’s pairs, mens pairs, mixed pairs, women’s trios and men’s group, which is made up of 4 athletes.  Each group performs acrobatic skills like balance holds, hand balancing, pyramids, toss and catches.  As it is a partner sport, it is unique as it is known for challenging students with life skills like teamwork, communication and trust.

Introduction to Acro & Tumbling Class
This class is great for kids interested in trying out Acro to see if it is something they enjoy!


Classes meet weekly and tuition is billed monthly.

Class Name Instructors Days Time Age Gender Tuition Registration
Acro & Tumbling Level 1 Mon 5:30pm
Riley B.
mon 5:30 pm-6:25 pm 5 yrs - 18 yrs All $96.00 Register Now
Acro & Tumbling Level 1 Thu 4:30pm
Riley B.
thu 4:30 pm-5:25 pm 5 yrs - 18 yrs All $96.00 Register Now

If you have a child that would be interested in joining this team, please contact Aspire at 480-820-3774. Gymnastic experience is not absolutely necessary, but is a plus. She will be happy to work through details with anyone that is interested. Check out more information on our Acro Team Page!

Acrobatic Gymnastics PROGRAM LEADER: Scott B.

Acrobatic Gymnastics PROGRAM COACHES

Riley B.


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