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Kyla is originally from Missouri but has called Arizona home for the past 8 years. Kyla grew up doing gymnastics, dance, and tumbling/trampoline. At the age of 12, she was looking for something different and stumbled upon a dance studio that competed in Acrobatic Gymnastics which combined everything she had been doing already, so it seemed to fit perfectly. Kyla competed in Acrobatic Gymnastics from age 12-17 and loved every minute of it. 

Acrobatic Gymnastics taught her strength, flexibility, team work, trust, dedication and gave her an incredible work ethic. She competed on the state, regional, and national level during those years and received many awards and recognition. When Kyla graduated from high school and moved to Arizona she looked for an Acrobatic Gymnastics team to hopefully join up with to assist in coaching, only to find out that Arizona did not have yet have any teams, so she began coaching locally in Chandler where she was head coach for a Tumbling and Trampoline Program and assistant coach for a Girls Competitive Gymnastics team. While doing this, she turned her focus more to academics and completed her degree in nursing.

Over the past 5 years Kyla has worked toward building Arizona’s first Acrobatic Gymnastics team. She has worked closely with many coaches and judges across the country as well as USA Gymnastics to make her dream a reality. Today, Kyla is the head coach of Aspire’s Acrobatic Gymnastics Team. Kyla was 2015 Acro Rookie Coach of the year for Region 1 by USA gymnastics and was nominated for the 2015 National Acro Rookie Coach of the year by USA Gymnastics. She had the 1st place level 7 team in Region 1 for 2016. She has had athletes medal at nationals every year they have attended. She was selected to accompany the USA Gymnastics National Team to World Championships in China in 2016. She has the first ever and currently only Elite Trio in the state on Arizona. She loves what she is doing any enjoys every moment of it!