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Girls Competitive Gymnastics in Chandler!

Mission Statement

What is most important to us is a strong and positive team spirit atmosphere.  While gymnastics is an individual sport, it is based on a team concept.  We promote this team concept and emphasize it as an essential part of gymnastics.

Why Competitive Gymnastics

Training in gymnastics is beneficial to any other athletic endeavor the young athlete may eventually want to move into.  It has been referred to as “The springboard to all other sports”.  We don’t have any false illusions that all of our athletes who enter the competitive program will remain with gymnastics forever. We have had gymnasts who have gone on to do many great things in a variety of other athletic endeavors.  We believe wholeheartedly that their success in these endeavors is due, at least in part, to their participation in gymnastics.




Superstars- Ages 4 – 6
Rockstars- Ages 5 – 9L
Hotshots- Ages 5 – 9
Starfires- Ages 5 – 9
Flipsters -Ages 6 – 9
Twisters – Ages 6 -14
Copper – Ages 8+  

Xcel Team


JO Optional Team

Levels 6-10


How to Join Our Team

If you are currently a competitive gymnast and would like to try out for the Jr. Sun Devils, please contact our Head Coach, Briena Bronnenberg, by emailing

If you are currently participating in recreational classes and would like additional information regarding how to join the competitive program, please talk with your current coach.