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The most important thing in competitive team gymnastics at Aspire is a strong and positive team spirit atmosphere. While gymnastics is an individual sport, it is based on a team concept. We promote this team concept and emphasize it as an essential part of gymnastics.

Girl’s Team Tryout

Class Name Instructors Days Time Age Gender Tuition Registration
Girls Team Tryout-May 5, 2024-Invitation Only
Megan C.
Brie B.
sun 12:00 pm-4:00 pm 3 yrs - 17 yrs Female $5.00 Register Now

Head Coaches:

  • Brie Bronnenberg- Girls Team
  • Rob Survick– Boys Team
  • Scott Larson- T&T Team
  • Kiley Boynton– Acro Team

What we offer:

If you are new to Aspire and have been invited to join one of our teams, use the link below to register. Please put the team you are joining as well as any relevant information in the comment box during registration. Welcome to your new adventure!!

Class Name Instructors Days Time Age Gender Tuition Registration
Registration by invitation-Enter who extended the invitation in the Comments 0:00 am-0:00 am old All $0.00 Register Now