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“We love the dance program at Aspire! It’s a fun and positive environment to learn dance. Teachers are A+!” -Monique F.

We believe in empowering students to succeed in life. We do this through fostering a creative and healthy environment, teaching positive life lessons through dance, and through balancing fun with excellent technique. In every class, we are aware of growing the person in addition to developing their skills and talents.

Our classes are geared toward beginning and intermediate dancers, ages 1-18. Sign your child up today.

Dance Programs we offer-

What to wear to dance class

Passion. Perseverance. Excellence.

These are critical attributes we look for when hiring our Dance Staff.  During youth, developing character is more important than any skill, that’s why our staff focuses on developing passion and perseverance in our students.  We believe that passion creates the drive to persevere, which leads to excellence.  Once this process is learned, it can be applied to all areas of life.

For any dancer that wishes to pursue dance beyond recreational activity, we have private lessons available. Please contact for more information.


Alyssa Zender began dancing at the Nancy Whyte School of Ballet as a child in Bellingham, Washington and found contemporary dance at Whatcom Community College where she completed her massage therapy training in 2015. She loves all styles of dance and many forms of movement. With a background in massage therapy and lifelong joy of physical activity, she pursued Kinesiology and graduated with a Bachelor of Science from Western Washington University in 2021.  Along the way, she ventured to Las Vegas to learn AquaStretch ™ therapy from the creator of the modality, George Eversaul. Alyssa is thrilled to be part of the Aspire family where her love of the water and dance have found the perfect home! She is a licensed massage therapist in the state of Arizona and runs her practice, Zensegrity Bodywork LLC out of the Aspire pool.


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