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We are currently not offering TumbleBug Open Gym. We look forward to seeing you in our of our weekly classes. Our Open Gym re-open date will be announced at a later time.

All children walking through age 5 are welcome to join in this great opportunity to have fun on our trampolines, foam pits, and other great gymnastics equipment with trained coaches present to keep a careful eye on all of the activity. Parents must accompany their children into the gym for TumbleBug Open Gym.

$4.00 for members on Saturdays, $5.00 for members during the week.
$6.00 for NON-members on Saturdays, $7.00 for NON-members during the week. If you are a NON-member, please specify if you would like to pay the non-member price or if you would like to become a member. If becoming a member you will pay the $40 1 year membership and member price at time of registration.

Make up
If attending Open Gym as a make up for a class missed due to illness or conflict, please write “MAKE UP” and the DATE OF THE ABSENCE in the “Comments:” and there will be no charge for the open gym.

Refund Policy
Credit on your Aspire account will be given for cancellations made a minimum of 24 hours prior to start of Open Gym.

Waiver Required

All students MUST have an electronic or paper waiver signed by a parent to participate in any Aspire class or event. No exceptions will be made! A parent may sign an electronic waiver by registering their child for the event online. For a student’s first visit, if a parent is unable to register online they may send a signed paper wavier with their child to the event but they will need to register online for subsequent visits. A one-time visit guest waiver can be completed using the link below.

Click here to sign the one time guest waiver online. 


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