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Swimming Lessons in Chandler!


It is our mission to build trusting relationships between instructors, parents and swimmers to develop a respect for water and to teach water safety in a calm and enjoyable environment.

The foundation of our program focuses on teaching children life-saving survival skills to include: learning to swim to the side and climbing out of the water, floating on the back, beginning freestyle stroke, picking up rings on the bottom, and learning safety skills. We understand the importance of children learning to swim from a very young age and we have developed a program that allows children to learn life saving skills as well as foster a love for the water! In addition to working with children, we strive to educate parents to alleviate the stress of water safety.

Here is Erin, our Program Director, teaching this life saving skill.

In the more advanced levels you can expect your child to learn all competitive swim strokes in order of difficulty, and they will be taught racing dives. Not every child will want to be a competitive swimmer, but every swimmer should continue through levels to further their knowledge of the sport, and to make an educated decision to pursue swimming competitively.

Aspire hires and trains only the best swim instructors in the valley. Our instructors are certified in CPR and First Aid. In addition, they go through a thorough interview process and each coach is required to complete more than 40 hours of in-water training. We also ensure that our instructors stay up to date with the latest teaching trends and techniques through an on-going continuing education training program.

We start introducing children as young as 4 months old to the water.

This creates a comfort in the water which allows us to teach them the

life saving skill of swimming back to the wall and climbing out.

Check out one of our toddlers jumping in and swimming confidently to her instructor!

This is our next step after they learn the life saving skill of returning to the wall and

climbing out!

Aspire Swim Program can and will teach your older swimmer the competitive strokes!

This prepares them for competitive swimming if that’s something they desire!

Swimmers 2 and under:

We require that all swimmers 2 & under wear REUSEABE swim diapers. Disposable swim diapers are not permitted. This ensures the pool remains contaminate free and open for use. We recommend iPlay swim diapers, because they fit snugly around the waist and legs. They are available for purchase in Aspire’s Pro Shop.

Baby Otters-Parent & Infant (4-12 months) FREE!
Seahorses- Beginner with Parent (12-24 months)
Starfish- Beginner without Parent (12-24 months)
Guppies- Beginner (2-12 years old)
Stingrays- Intermediate (3-12 years old)
Dolphins- Intermediate High (4-12 years old)

“We LOVE Aspire Swim!! Our 3 year old started with gymnastics at Aspire but it was super important to us to get her comfortable and safe in the water. She ended up loving swim even more than her gymnastics class, which is saying a lot!! 😉 Her teacher, Ms. Lexi, is so encouraging and her cheers get the kids so engaged. She has only been swimming for a few months but her confidence and ours have grown so much! I would highly recommend the Aspire swim program to anyone, even for older children developing technical skills.” Sarah P.

“I’d love to thank everyone at Aspire but especially Coach Erin for creating such a great toddler swim program. All of the coaches approach the children with kindness and patience which then translates to comfort and confidence in the water. Thank you for giving my 2 year old the confidence she needs to love water and to feel safe in the pool.” Dr. Emily S.

Aspire Swim understands the importance of certifications and has chosen to partner with three organizations. This allows our program to remain current, our instructors to remain knowledgeable and ensure the safety of our swimmers. Check out our partners below!

We specialize in working with individuals who have autism, anxiety, sensory needs, motor challenges, or those who learn differently. For transformational results and children who thrive in the water, choose Swim Angelfish® programs. Learn more here.

The United States Swim School Association believes in the importance of life-long water safety, equipping individuals of all ages with the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive in aquatic environments. Our members’ highly trained instructors instill a sense of confidence and appreciation for the water – utilizing tactics that prioritize both safety and fun. Learn more here.

World Wide Swim School’s training modules and resources have all been developed to educate the swimming industry, children and parents about water safety and best practices, by using Laurie’s world-renowned philosophies. Learn more here.