Learning to swim is a necessary skill for all children in Arizona. The goal of our program is to develop happy, healthy, and safe children in a fun, loving atmosphere. We will provide lessons that will enable your child to, when faced with a dangerous situation around water, have life-saving survival skills and should be able to get themselves out of the water should they fall in.

Program Director:  Erin Sampley

Swim Staff:

  • Nalani Gardea
  • Selena Kline
  • Selina Kline
  • Sara Oswald
  • Eron Sherman
  • Logan Sims
  • Lindsay Taxier

Aspire hires and trains only the best swim instructors in the valley.  Our instructors are certified in CPR and First Aid.  In addition, they are required to go through a thorough interview process and each coach is required to complete more than 40 hours of in-water training.  We also ensure that our instructors stay up to date with the latest teaching trends and techniques through an on-going continuing education training program

What is taught in swimming lessons?

The life-saving survival skills include learning to swim to the side and climbing out of the water, floating on the back, beginning freestyle stroke, picking up rings on the bottom, and learning safety skills. In the more advanced levels you can expect your child to learn all competitive swim strokes in order of difficulty, and they will be taught racing dives. Not every child will want to be a competitive swimmer, but every swimmer should continue through levels to further their knowledge of the sport, and to make an educated decision to pursue swimming competitively.

For kids 3 & under

We require that all kids ages 3 & under wear reusable swim diapers. Accidents can happen and will result in pool closure from 30 min. – 24 hr. depending on the severity. Use only reusable swim diapers. Disposable swim diapers are not permitted. We recommend iPlay swim diapers, because they fit snugly around waist and legs. They are available for purchase in Aspire’s Pro Shop.

Classes We Offer:

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