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Our Mission Statement

About Us: Our focus is about YOU! At Aspire Kids Sports Center we make it our mission to “Build Happy, Healthy Kids!”

About Us

There is something here for every child in the family! Our impressive 32,000 square foot facility features state-of-the-art gymnastics equipment, a heated indoor swimming pool, dance and martial arts rooms, a preschool gym, and expansive viewing areas and lobby. Check out our facility here.

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History. Community. Dedication. 

Scott and Dona Barclay are the owners of Aspire Kids Sports Center. They purchased the former “Gym Time” in May of 1995 because of a desire to see more children exposed to the sport of gymnastics and to experience the benefits.  They believe that gymnastics is a natural part of a child’s growth and is a great activity to foster motor learning and development at an early age.

Scott’s Gymnastics Journey

Scott accepted a scholarship to Arizona State University in 1974 and by 1978 he helped the Sun Devils place 2nd in the NCAA’s in 1978 while he took All American honors in the AA and PB events. He continued to train and compete as a USA National Team member for 3 years between 1977 and 1979.

The history of involvement in sports and gymnastics goes all the way back to childhood for Scott.  Scott was born in Oak Park, Illinois and attended Oak Park – Forest River High School.  Scott was a swimmer and a diver from the ages of 8 to 14, until he took up gymnastics recreationally.  He soon found himself on the school gymnastics team competing on the trampoline and the pommel horse.  Coached by Clarke Shultes, Scott finished his junior year with a 3rd place finish on the trampoline and in his Senior year, he placed 3rd in the state in AA, behind Bart Connor and Mark Gadowa.

In 1978 Scott represented the United States in the Hapoel Games in Israel.  In 1979, he embarked on a month-long tour of Australia with the ASU team. Following that, he represented the United States in the Sparktakiad Games, a Pre-Olympics test event held in Moscow. There he secured 6th and 7th place finishes on the Parallel Bars and Vault, respectively.

In 1980, Scott achieved the title of AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) National All-Around Champion. Additionally, he secured 2nd place on Parallel Bars and 3rd place on High Bar during the same event.

Scott’s Coaching Journey

In 1986, the Arizona State University team achieved the coveted NCAA Team Title, marking a significant triumph. Following this success, Scott received an offer for a full-time assistant coach position. He then actively assisted Head Coach Don Robinson in coaching the ASU Varsity team until the program was discontinued in 1993.

Scott’s involvement in both gymnastics and the ASU programs didn’t stop there.  Continuing his dedication to gymnastics, Scott coaches at all levels. Presently, Scott is the head coach of the Arizona State Men’s Gymnastics Club Team. His coaching prowess has earned him the honor of being named National Coach of the Year an impressive 13 times since 1994. In recognition of his outstanding contributions to the sport, he was inducted into the ASU Hall of Fame in 1999. He earned his Masters in Exercise Science from ASU in 2000.

In Scott’s many years as Head Coach of the Arizona State Men’s club team, he has coached the team to 22 Collegiate National Team Titles. However, one of the biggest accomplishments is creading a fully self-funding team.

Scott & Dona’s Vision for Aspire

After purchasing “Gym Time,” Scott and Dona embarked on developing and expanding a program aimed at making gymnastics enjoyable and safe.

Starting in 1999, Gym Time introduced comprehensive gymnastics programs spanning from preschool to competitive teams, along with tumbling and cheerleading.

Under the guidance of Peter Wieging, a former ASU Team member and All-American, our young girls’ team flourished. Simultaneously, we implemented a boys “Jr. Sun Devils” competitive team program led by Jon Portillo, former ASU gymnast and All-American. This team operated independently to support the ASU Men’s team.

As Gym Time expanded, we added more classes, staff, and programs. Ultimately, this led us to offer diverse opportunities such as customizable Birthday Parties and the highly popular Parents Night Out. We utilized our facilities to provide enjoyable experiences for children and families alike.

In April of 2000, ASU tore down the beloved team training gym on campus to make room for new building space. The combination of a homeless Sun Devil Team and a growing Gym Time business triggered a search for a new home. That process took 5 years of research and planning which culminated in the opening of our current state-of-the-art Aspire Kids Sports Center in Chandler in May of 2005.