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Boys and girls, 3 – 14 years of age

Days & Times

Saturday afternoons (except holidays and closures)

Click here to view party availability and to book your party online!


  • Gymnastics Party: $200 for up to 12 partygoers for 1 3/4 hours
  • Ninja Party: $245 for up to 12 partygoers for 1 3/4 hours (recommended for ages 5 & up)
  • Swimming Party: $285 for up to 18 partygoers for 1 3/4 hours
  • Pick 2 Party: $415 for up to 12 partygoers for 2 3/4 hours

(For each additional child, add $10. The number of party-goers will be confirmed prior to your party.  The party will be staffed for the number of party goers confirmed would attend and the final cost will be based on the confirmed number or the actual attendees , whichever is greater.)


We require a $50 deposit to hold the date and time for the party. Balance is paid at the time of arrival for the party.

Number of guests need to be confirmed one week prior to party.

Deposit is refundable up to two weeks prior to scheduled birthday party.

What Aspire Supplies for Party

  • 1 hour of swimming or gymnastics fun and games; or 2 hours of swimming and gym
  • 3/4 hour in your own party area
  • Party Invitations for you to send out
  • Party T-shirt for birthday child
  • Windowed viewing areas for parents

What Parents Can Supply for Party

  • Cupcakes or Cake
  • Pizza/Other food
  • Birthday napkins
  • Tablecloths
  • Decorations
  • Party Favors
  • Camera or video equipment
  • Cooler for Juice boxes, etc.

Note: Please do not bring ice cream or open drinks (boxed drinks are best)

What to Wear

The children should wear gym clothes (active wear) for gymnastics and bring swim wear for the pool.

Arrival Time

Please arrive promptly, 10 minutes before your party is to begin.

Make your Reservation!

Click here to visit our calendar and available party times.

Please call us at 480-820-3774 to schedule your Birthday party.

Click here to sign the one time guest waiver online. 


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