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Girls Gymnastics in Chandler!

Our Mission Statement

Aspire strives to provide a safe space for girls to learn gymnastics while developing a love of physical activity!

Our Girls Gymnastics Program

Our program offers each individual the experience to learn gymnastics in a safe, fun, learning environment. Here at Aspire Kids Sports Center, we encourage each child to try new things and conquer their fears, which results in a child developing higher self-esteem. Therefore, children eager to learn the basics of gymnastics will thrive here!

Initially, we focus our instruction in developing skills on each of the Olympic events: vault, uneven bars, balance beam and floor. Coaches emphasize on improving flexibility, strength, balance, and body coordination. Ultimately, we will physically challenge our athletes in all areas of fitness development which will prepare them for success in every sport and physical activity.

Girls Gymnastics Classes We Offer

We offer four different levels in our upward bound program. If your child has never done gymnastics before and is above the age of 5, we will start your child in the Girls Beginning Class. However, if your child has participated in gymnastics, we will conduct an evaluation and determine if the athlete would be successful in an intermediate or advanced class.

Girls Beginning
Girls Level 1
Girls Level 2
Girls Level 3


1. An annual family membership is $40.
2. One membership is valid for all siblings.
3. If not currently a member, we will add membership to your weekly class registration.
4. Membership will renew annually for families with at least one student enrolled in a weekly class.
5. We offer member pricing for many Aspire events such as Open Gym, Open Swim, Parent’s Night Out, Tumbling Clinic, and Camps.

Interested in joining our competitive team?

Aspire has a competitive Girls Team with Xcel and JO Optionals. If you would like more information about the team, talk with your existing coach or send an email to