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Little Kids Gymnastics in Chandler!

Our Mission Statement

To provide a safe, encouraging and fun environment for young children to learn the basics of gymnastics while fostering the love of all physical activity, allowing us to continue building happy, healthy kids!

Our Little Kids Gymnastics Program

We believe in introducing little kids, and parents, to the idea of fun physical activity through gymnastics at an early age, which is why we start with the BabyBugs class for FREE, with a paid annual membership! This class is designed for the parent and tot, starting as young as 2 months old up to 12 months old, to get used to the gym environment such as mats, equipment, and trampolines.

We also believe in teaching independence with the BusyBee class, which is one of the only 2 year old independent classes in Arizona.

The entire TumbleBugs Program focuses on:

1. Development of Gross Motor Skills
2. Social Development
3. Preschool Skills such as sharing, colors, numbers, shapes and letters
4. Creating an enriching and positive environment to foster learning and
5. Ensuring a safe environment.

We offer classes for each age: 2-12 months, 12-24 months, 2 years old, 3, years old, 4 years old and 5 years old. Each class progresses based on age appropriate development.

Our Coaches

Tumble Bugs Leader:

Kelly Akers is originally from Virginia and relocated to Arizona in 2022. She has been coaching at Aspire since then and coaching gymnastics since 2020. Throughout her time at Aspire, she has been involved in our Tumble Bug program, Girls Team, and Girl’s Pre-team programs. Kelly officially became the Tumble Bugs Program Leader in June 2023.

Kelly started gymnastics at the age of 3 and transitioned into track and field at 16; competing in pole vault and triple jump. She eventually competed in track and field while she obtained her Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Bridgewater College in Bridgewater, Virginia. Since graduating from Bridgewater College in May of 2022, Kelly has begun attending University of Arizona to get her Master’s in Public Health. She has a strong passion for child development and loves to see the growth in her students as they progress through the Tumble Bug Program. She spends her free time reading and enjoying the gorgeous Arizona weather with her friends and family.

Tumble Bugs Coaches:

Our coaches love working with younger children and supporting their growth and development while fostering a love for sports. We put our coaches through a thorough interview process as well as a hands-on training program with an experienced mentor. In addition, we require each coach to attend an online preschool gymnastics/child development course to provide a general education regarding age appropriate development skills. We also require all our coaches to be CPR and First Aid certified.

Little Kids Gymnastics Classes We Offer

BabyBugs – Parent & Tot (2-12 months) FREE*!
MiniBees – Parent & Tot (12 -24 months)
BusyBees – Independent without Parent (2 years old)
SuperBeetles – (3 years old)
LightningBugs – (4 years old)
GrassHoppers – (5 years old)

Little Kids Gymnastics/TumbleBug Open Gym

Link to TumbleBug Open Gym


1. An annual family membership is $40.
2. One membership is valid for all siblings.
3. If not currently a member, we will add membership to your weekly class registration.
4. Membership will renew annually for families with at least one student enrolled in a weekly class.
5. We offer member pricing for many Aspire events such as Open Gym, Open Swim, Parent’s Night Out, Tumbling Clinic, and Camps.