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The mission of Martial Arts is to expose kids ages 6 and up to a variety of Martial Arts disciplines and to develop functional self-defense skills.

Program Leader: Kenny Jezek

Classes meet weekly and tuition is billed monthly.

Class Name Instructors Days Time Age Gender Tuition Registration
Martial Arts-Beginning Tue 4:30
Kenny J.
tue 4:30 pm-5:25 pm 6 yrs - 15 yrs All $96.00 Register Now
Martial Arts - Intermediate Tue 5:30
Kenny J.
tue 5:30 pm-6:25 pm 6 yrs - 15 yrs All $96.00 Register Now

Coordination. Focus, Discipline. Strength.

These are the priorities of the Martial Arts program at Aspire Kid Sports. You’ll notice Black Belt is not anywhere near the top of this list. Why is this?? Because this program is unique. It is a very relaxed, self-paced and less intense program that is unlike other standard Karate schools that requires participation in tournaments and classes several times a week. With our intense focus, we get through the critical self-defense training without making the extra hours of commitment each week. We offer Martial Arts training at the student’s pace, no contract, no commitment required.

Kenny is both Program Leader and Instructor for every class. With 37 years of Martial Arts experience, Kenny is masterful at developing personalized training plans for all students, not one program is one-size-fits-all. Overarching goals for the program are self-defense, growth, improvement, confidence.


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