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Trampoline & Tumbling Classes in Chandler!

Our Mission Statement

Aspire’s trampoline & tumbling program strives provide a safe, encouraging and fun environment for children to learn the basics of tumbling while fostering the love of all physical activity.

Our Trampoline & Tumbling Program

T&T is a great sport to improve motor skills and coordination which can enhance performance in other sports including karate, cheerleading, diving and gymnastics. The focus of tumbling classes is primarily on the development of tumbling skills. Whereas trampoline is an important and necessary component of the development of both basic and advanced tumbling skills. Time spent on trampoline will focus on the development of skills as per the USAG guidelines. In addition, time will be spent on strength and flexibility training to aid in the development of tumbling skills and to ensure the overall safety of the student.

Trampoline & Tumbling Classes We Offer

We offer three different levels in our T&T program. Most children start with T&T Level 1. However, if a child has previous experience, we will provide an evaluation and determine the correct level.

Tumbling Level 1
Trampoline and Tumbling Level 1
Trampoline and Tumbling Level 2
Trampoline and Tumbling Level 3


1. An annual family membership is $40.
2. One membership is valid for all siblings.
3. If not currently a member, we will add membership to your weekly class registration.
4. Membership will renew annually for families with at least one student enrolled in a weekly class.
5. We offer member pricing for many Aspire events such as Open Gym, Open Swim, Parent’s Night Out, Tumbling Clinic, and Camps.

Interested in joining our competitive team?

Aspire has a competitive T&T team. If you would like more information about the team, click here, talk with your existing coach or send an email to